"Hedda at Full Bloom Flower Farm is absolutely amazing! Her pesticide-free/organic blooms are simply stunning and full of life. They have a freshness that you just don't get with most wedding flowers. Hedda was very responsive during the entire planning process, and she took the time to really understand my vision for my wedding flowers. She somehow made the bouquet, arrangements, arch, floral crown, and boutonniere more gorgeous than I had ever even imagined. I am so thankful that I got to have the spectacular blooms and artistry of Full Bloom Flower Farm at my wedding! I can't recommend Hedda enough - she's fantastic." -Chelsea


"I can't recommend Full Bloom Flower Farm enough. Hedda is the sweetest woman ever. She cared so much about getting our aesthetic right and came up with the most gorgeous combination of flowers I've ever seen. They were soft and subtle but poignantly beautiful. The sizes of the bouquets were just right and the boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party were simple, elegant and perfect. Being surrounded by these incredible flowers made the day feel 100 times more special." -Devi


"Hedda is AMAZING!!!!!!! We highly recommend Full Bloom Flower Farm!!! Her gorgeous blooms made our wedding complete!!!! I really cannot express how great she was to work with. We love Hedda!!!!" -Christina


"Hedda was an exceptional florist for my wedding on 8/20/2016! I did not have a clear idea of what I wanted for flowers, I knew I wanted whatever was in season and a wildflower look. Hedda brought bouquets of many beautiful varieties of Sunflowers and stunning accent flowers. She also made a exquisite flower crown for me and brought loose flowers for my bridesmaid's hair. The best addition, was on the spot, she whipped up a flower collar for my pup! Everything was perfect, thank you!!" -Amanda


"Hedda is a true artist. Her flowers and design will elevate your wedding to an entirely other level of beautiful. Her service was flawless, and she is a joy to work with. 100% recommend." -Danielle

"Hedda at Full Bloom Flower Farm is incredible! Not only does she grow an incredible variety of gorgeous flowers, but she does so in a way that improve the local ecosystem, creating habitat for pollinators and improving soils. Starting out with the best quality of local organic flowers is great, but she takes it many steps further with her gorgeous designs and high quality craftsmanship. Hedda makes gorgeous arrangements. For my wedding, I had a floral crown, as did all of my bridesmaids and they were so perfect! The boutonnieres and corsages (for the mothers and grandmothers) were elegant, beautiful, and fit the theme/tone of the wedding really well. I also felt that Hedda was a joy to work with and I appreciated the energy, knowledge, and love she put into her work and the day. Dealing with vendors can be annoying and stressful, but not Full Bloom Flower Farm. I would unreservedly recommend them for any occasion! It's the full package of gorgeous excellence in flower form." -Daria

"Hedda from Full Bloom Flower Farm is such a powerhouse of a person! I was having my wedding on the east coast, so I couldn't use her flower services. We were also operating as cheaply as we could, and were buying wholesale bulk flowers from a Connecticut farmer. Her role for us was as teacher! Hedda held a private workshop for me and two of my closest friends. She taught us to make gorgeous walking bouquets and boutonnières. I had no idea they were so complex! It gave me a whole new respect for florists and the amazing amount of work that they put into each creation. She let us take videos and pictures, gave us written lists of supplies, and we felt prepared! Two months later, armed with our knowledge, my two best friends created the most beautiful flower arrangements for our wedding. Thank you Hedda!" -Erin


"Amazing experience. Easy to work with and the flowers were amazing! Everyone was complimenting them. Never have I met someone so passionate about their work. Hedda is incredibly talented and kind. I would recommend to everyone." -Elizabeth


"Hedda provided us with flowers for our daughter's wedding and was a joy to work with. She was responsive, had good ideas to add to our own and made the whole process a breeze. We all loved that the flowers were organic and seasonal and we received many compliments about how beautiful they were." -Deborah


"Hedda and Full Bloom Flower Farm were wonderful to work with. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted, but Hedda asked multiple questions, took extensive notes, had me send her pictures of flowers that I liked from Pinterest, and ended up making the most perfect arrangements. She perfectly filled the vision that I didn't even know I had. She covered all the details including a crown and tossing petals for my flower girl. The flowers had to travel 4 hours by car and last 2 days until the wedding, and everything still looked beautiful. I would highly recommend Hedda and Full Bloom Flower Farm for any and all occasions." -Rebecca

"This place is the real deal - the head farmer Hedda grew up on this very soil, which she told me had been fertilized for 50 years with sheep manure as former pasture land. This is the place you dream of when you picture an idyllic organic farm and salt-of-the-earth growers - right down to the weathered farm house that looks steeped in history. Sonoma has such beautiful, rich landscape and we wanted to find local flowers that embodied the land, rather than ones imported from halfway around the world. Hedda did all the arrangements, which were both unique and artistic (I think she's also a painter?). I couldn't believe all the varieties that could be grown on one small farm, and the ingenuity put into the creative arrangements. But the biggest surprise was something I had never seen or even heard of before - accessories and jewelry made from succulents." -Brant

"Hedda is fantastic, it was such a joy working with her on flowers for our wedding. The quality and selection of the flowers is excellent, I loved the array of interesting and unique flowers, and that they are grown sustainably. Visiting the farm and choosing the flowers was really a highlight of all the wedding prep, I feel like I got to be really involved so it was more personal. I highly recommend Full Bloom Flower Farm!!!" -Ruby


"It was so great to work with Full Bloom Flower Farm for our wedding. Very friendly, flexible, informative and professional. I am very grateful for all the hard work that was done for our wedding. I highly recommend Full Bloom Flower Farm ."- Casey


"I don't even know where to start with this amazing wedding florist!! Hedda is by far the most passionate and dedicated person when it comes to flowers, farming and her design work! Not only does she organically grow and harvest her flowers, she designs each unique piece. I was lucky enough to find Hedda through a friend. She was very easy to talk to and was always coming up with creative ideas for our wedding. From the time we spoke on the phone to meeting with her, I knew I had nothing to worry about in making our day beautiful!! The best part about Hedda is that she takes the stress away from picking out flowers and setting up arrangements for your special day. She took care of a lot more than the average florist would do and was always confident in her work (which she should be!). On the day of the wedding, after she set up all of the arrangements she was there til the very second I walked down the aisle. You can tell she is passionate about her work as SHE wanted to be the one to hand me my bouquet. I loved this part about working with Full Bloom Flower Farm as you could tell she truly cared about making everything come together even up to the last second! I would highly recommend Full Bloom Flower Farm to anyone looking for a florist for any event as she is so professional and phenomenal at her job! Hiring Hedda was the best vendor choice I made! Thank you Hedda for making our day so beautiful and for all the hard work you did to make it come together!! We were truly lucky to get to work with you!! " -Sally