Full Bloom Flower Farm 

Farming started for me growing up on Wiggle Worm Bait Farm in Graton, Ca. My parents tended rich worm beds with the motto, "We like them fat and lively!" and I got to be a wild worm loving farm kid. One of my farm chores growing up was to create floral arrangements around the house. Little bud vases of daphne and violets sat above the kitchen sink in February, big vases of bearded iris and mock orange graced the bathroom in late Spring and bedside posies of rattle snake grass and yarrow made nights feel special through the summer. I bent willows into crowns, weeded my mom's gardens, and munched on fresh green miners lettuce and asian pears from the neighbor's farm. The puff ball viburnum and cabbage roses featured in floral crown on the left are from the same plants I used to have petal fights with as we waited for the school bus. It wasn't until I was studying agroecology at UC Berkeley, however, that I realized Sonoma County is an agricultural gem and I was blessed to grow up a bit wild and plant loving.

After college I spent the next six years teaching gardening and ecology in the San Francisco school district and working as an environmental educator at the Academy of Sciences and Save the Bay. Wanting to dive deeper into growing I attended the UC Santa Cruz Ecological Horticulture program where my interest in flowers turned from a childhood memory into a full blown, full bloom obsession. I learned about variety selection, post harvest handing, and farm management. A love of art coupled with farming moved me into floral design making me a true farmer florist. The shape, texture and movement of each bloom allows me to paint with flowers like I never could on a canvas. The dirt and grit of cultivation and beauty of putting it all together is two jobs. Sometimes these jobs feel like being a chef who grows their own food, but who better to make a dish than the one who loved it from seed? In 2012 I could no longer contain my flower passion so I moved home to wormy roots, to my childhood plants and I started Full Bloom Flower Farm. After a year in production I enrolled in the wonderful California School of Herbal Studies where I gained my certificate in herbalism. In the plant world, learning is never ending and I am happy to infuse plant magic into all the arrangements. Full Bloom is a mighty one acre flower farm providing endless beauty, medicine and life to the community. I am proud to be a farmer and a florist; it is my greatest joy to bring plant art to ceremonies and I hope to share my joy with others.  -Owner Hedda Brorstrom 


Farm Fresh

Soil. Insects. Fungus. Birds. Biodiversity is the key to a healthy farm ecosystem. Full Bloom Flower Farm grows hundreds of flower and foliage varietals in a no-till system to help build and improve the farm's soil. In late Summer the field buzzes with insects, by Autumn birds feed on seeds. In Winter the underground network feasts. Floral design that uses local, organic flowers expresses the health and vitality of this farm ecosystem. Flowers provide grounding and elegance in our ceremonies and play an important role in our local ecology. Supporting local flowers, supports healthy farms and ecological health is the reason I farm.  Want to learn more? Follow the seasons with us on Instagram. 

The North Bay Flower Collective

 In May 2014 I helped start the The North Bay Flower Collective.  The collective is a group of dedicated farmers and florists who meet to discuss, share, learn, educate and inspire each other in the field of flowers and floral design. Running a farm is a lot of work and it is critical to have allies and support from the local agricultural community who value the goal of collaboration and dedication to sustainable grown cut flowers.  Please check out the North Bay Flower Collective website to learn about our group and events. Flower Power!

Dawn Heumann Photography
Dawn Heumann Photography